Psychological factors that drive people to choose the plastic surgery

Usually, the people who make these changes are basically not or lack the confidence. They consider themselves no better or worse than others. This feeling is usually the result of the formation of the environment, especially in the body image and self-image. Usually also because often compared, especially with brothers (brother/sister) or parents. In the meantime, we recommend you to visit the top plastic surgeons Washington state, if you need the reliable plastic surgeon services.


Be careful, many rejections also occur in people who when still in the womb is not or less expected by their parents (mother, father, or both). So unwittingly form a rejected person. Again, then they feel their existence is not right or not expected, including physically. Even after they were born and grew no more rejection, it still existed. So, without realizing it, this individual even rejects the existence of self and/or rejects the existence of the original form.

High demands

Excessive demands from the environment, family, parents, always demanding perfection. Just want to accept the good things only. So the child feels never accepted what it is. Then they will be easy to make changes to themselves so that demands are achieved and fulfilled. The reason, want to be accepted. According to them, with a new form, they will be more accepted by family, parents, friends, lovers, husbands, community environment, and others, for fulfilling that demand.