Tips on Creating an Attractive Blog

How to create a cool blog that is visited by many people and become a source of income for the owner? In this article, we will discuss various tips and tricks to create a blog that is interesting, cool, different, and of course, can attract visitors to roll into your blog. But this, of course, requires consistency, discipline, and a little strategy. Before that, you can visit our website to see a lot of lifestyle blog. You can also follow these lifestyle blogs.

Here are some interesting blogging strategies:

– Original article

The first requirement if you want to create a blog that is cool and popular is to write your own articles, not copy paste from other people’s websites or blogs. Just information, copy and paste articles from other websites or blogs will actually have a negative impact on your own blog, especially in the eyes of Google. Google might blacklist your blog and not display it in search results. As a result, blog visitors become lonely. By creating original articles, indirectly you will also learn to write and pour ideas. At first it may seem difficult, but eventually, you will find that the writing process will be easy and flow like water.

– Update blogs regularly

To become a cool blog, you should regularly post new articles. Can one article per day, per three days, or one new article per week. Importantly, when there are similar visitors visiting your blog, it will find new articles to read. If a visitor returns to your blog after a month and does not find anything to change, he may feel cured and will not come back again. Updating regular blog articles also has a positive side in Google’s eyes. This search engine will assume your blog has always fresh content, and place it on the top list of search results.